June 2017 PA State Rally Registration Form
June 2017 Camping Vendor Registration Form
June 2017 Non-Camping Vendor Registration Form
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September 2017 Registration Form
September 2017 Camping Vendor Registration Form
September 2017 Non-Camping Vendor Registration Form

General Rules and Policies of Rallies

(Part of the Good Sam Bylaws)

        Parking of RV units is to be carried out by the State Wagon Master and/or Asst. Wagon Master in the order of arrival of units.  There will be No Reservation of Spaces at any state event!  Parking will be HOBO style (arrive Together to park together) with sharing of electric and Water by adjacent RV units, RV units Shall not be moved once parked.

       Handicap Parking shall be designated for those with limited mobility (i.e. wheelchair, cart, crutches, and lose limb).  Handicap Parking at state Events is only for RV units that are designated Handicap. 

       Fireworks of any type are Strictly Prohibited.

       Pets are permitted on a Leash!!  You must clean up after them.  Pets are not permitted in any of the buildings.

No bicycles or Skateboards are to be ridden around the main buildings.